It's all about me

Here you'll find out more about me, my academic and career achievements, and also some random facts.

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Career & Resume

It's all about me

Freelancing experience

The opportunity to make some work freelancing was born out of necessity. I couldn't get an internship and I needed work to showcase in order to get one. I was also a very green web designer. I was lucky to get clients that trusted me with a couple of commissions. And I worked my ass off to deliver them the best sites I could. I learned a lot from every project I worked and from every client I've had. I learned a lot about UX, content strategy, SEO, browser performance, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery and so on. Now, I'm a savvier designer.
But I'm always hungry for more.

Constant research

Web design and front-end development is all about being up to date. Soon I realized that I had much to learn and to keep up. It's always a learning experience. Blogs, sites, tutorials, books, magazines and talks are part of my daily routine. It really is a never ending task and it burns out endless hours but the benefits and the outcome are priceless: it takes you to the next level ‐ and that's the point.

Academic Background

With an Arts high school background, I'm graduated in New Technologies of Communication by the Aveiro University, Portugal. As a student I learned a lot about the web ‐ web-standards, accessibility, usability, HTML, Javascript and CSS. I've also learned plenty about video, animation, branding, graphic design, photography and project management.

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Random facts about me

I love sardines

Yeah! I do love them. I know that ‐ alongside with the dried & salted codfish ‐ they are a portuguese cliché and also a national pride. Grilled sardines is one of those flavors that brings back memories and reminds you of all the good things Portugal has to offer. It's a portuguese classic enjoyed both by the nationals and by the foreigners.

I'm a swimmer

I literally can't remember the first day I started swimming – I was that young. I swam from kindergarten to high school, then stopped to get some breath for some years. Now I'm back to the pool and I feel like I'm fish in the water – no pun intended.